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Learning go

Too hard. Needs difficulty option. AI is too smart. I want to learn but I also would like to win. Great app. Great teacher. Just gives rage. Been playing three weeks.

Finally Learned Go!

Has great tutorial that takes you step by step through play and strategy. Wanted to learn game for 20 years and I finally have gotten around to it. Thanks. Well worth the cost.

Its Great!

It is exactly what the description says and it works perfectly. Im using it to learn Go and play against my friends and its been really fun

Best go app ever


Excellent Adaptive AI

Ive been playing this off and on for a few months. The AI is fantastic and keeps me challenged. I wish there was a way to estimate relative rank; my feeling is that the faster processors on todays iphone are just making this game more and more challenging. Or Im an idiot.

good app but just one thing

great app but sometimes I click resign by mistake when I try to pass. It would be nice if there was a "are you sure you want to resign" window when you click resign. Other than that, its a very nice app for go players of all levels!

Well made app but big AI bug

A good interface. An interesting library of go books that you can read the first chapter of for free. They have solid tutorials for the basics, but they need more sophisticated ones to challenge casual players who want to get better. The AI is okay, but sometimes it will play a stone so that it only has one liberty. Not a clever sacrifice or anything either. You take the stone, and the situation is the same as before but your position is much stronger now.

upgrade fail!

followed the suggested upgrade ... and it completely erased my game!!!


Winning isnt everything, but not winning even once kind of takes the fun and hope of improvement out of a game. The smart go computer is way too strong for a beginner to even enjoy or learn the game of Go. There should be difficulty settings from 25kyu all the way to 9dan. That way, one can check to see how much they have improved at one difficulty level, and accurately gauge their strength.

Wonderful app!

Id been thinking about learning Go for a while. I happened upon this app, and it was exactly what I needed to learn. It includes a very in-depth tutorial that teaches the game, and the computer automatically adjusts its playing level and your handicap based on how well you play. This is probably the best way to learn Go (other than, perhaps, from a Go master).

Great app

Great tool to learn Go and read some books. The Smart Go Kifu version is much more complete: you can record your games, analyze them, read more books. It was a great investment for me since I use it for every games. Great for any players and any levels.

Great app!!

Best to use along with Go Books and a problems app.


Thought it was a good app until it somehow got linked to the ebook I bought from them. Launching the game brought up the book instead. I had to uninstall both and reinstall the game to play. Bad form.

Great app

Totally amazing interactive tutorial

Best Go for iOS

Very solid. Great tutorial. Only wish is to support turn-based play through Game Center.

No name no play

In my opinion, only an idiot would design an entertainment app that wont let you play unless you enter your name. If there is a way around it, I couldnt find it. Sorry that I paid for this app. App designer focus is more on what they want and not on the customer experience.

One issue

Sometimes it will not let you select a legitimate position on the edge of the board. Seems to happen when there are a lot of pieces on the board or nearby. Otherwise great job.

Great Tutorials

I felt utterly lost watching videos and reading instructions until I tried these tutorials, with various exercises for each concept that let you grasp the rules under various situations. As for the game, theres various levels that allow you to go as fast or slow as you desire, along with various board sizes. Theres enough customization possibilities to keep you busy. A great tool!

Great App

Good go app for learning against an AI. The automatic handicap system is nice for measuring your progress.


This is not worth the$$

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