SmartGo Player App Reviews

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Great for learning

This is a great app for learning and improving your game. I also recommend "Tsumego pro" (a tactics app) and "Pandanet go" (a great way to play against humans) once you understand the basics. This app will teach you the rules (the app follows all the rules... It doesnt cheat as stated by some reviewers) and it will teach you some basic tactics and strategy. Then you can practice and see how good you get at one of the most complex games ever.

Was ok until the ai started to cheat

Game would suddenly start lagging ais stones would move two at a time. I would get atarid where it never had enough stones. I lost a game I should have won because it made an illegal move that wiped my stones from the board even though theres no way he got in the gaps in one move. Please fix this. It was a great app until the cheating and move stealing happened.

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