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Very cool app

Its nice to finally be able to play againts the computer with a nice touch application. The AI is a bit strange though. It seems quite smart sometimes and then ignore fatal moves which gives you an easy win. Plus when you won againts the strongest level there is no more point playing the game. It would be nice to be able to play againts different AI such as gnugo or the igowin backend and being able to choose on a per game settings. Also being able to send yourself the SGF is a must Thanks Go Pro for tsumego


This is a crazy wicked game especially now that i find u can play 2 player i thought it was just 1! I also love the problems i wish u had more.. could you make a game with just problems and call it the problems of life and death? Anyway awesome game keep up the good work and all u go lovers out there this is the game 4 u! ふじわら の さい (Fujiwara No Sai)

Basic Go App

Just wanted to mention in here that SmartGo does support local pass and play multiplayer even though multiplayer isnt mentioned at all in the description. Other than that, works as advertised. Great Go app, no complaints.

Fun Game

I dont think Ill ever be very good at the game, but that doesnt make it any less fun. Smooth interface makes it easy to use.


This is a good app if you just want to play for fun, but i only heard of it a while ago from Hikaru no Go Waya

Incomplete AI

Even though the description says its based on the latest Monte Carlo engine, I feel the computer often makes unnecessary and fatal moves. Igowin may have a stronger AI.

The best mobile Go game on any platform

I bought the Pro version of this game after realizing that the free version was already the best Go game on iOS. Since then the price has come down $11, SmartGo Player is only $3 and it is worth every penny. Top marks, great developer, great game. This is the only game that has been on every one of my iOS devices from the ancient 3G up to today.

The Best GO Game

Looked for GO and tried many, this game is first rate - graphics, mode of play, selected board sizes, speed, works on ip6 and ipad ; recommend it to anyone. Excellent ; but a bit addictive.

Best GO app!

This app is really well done, intuitive and polished. It has a challenging ai and very nice game replay features (branching, auto-play, scrubbing, ...). This app is just really good! Im not personally a big fan of the leveling system against the ai, but its optional. I feel like its downgrading the player levels too quickly.


Good? Clean IU, different board, rule settings, quick and easy for on the go igo. Bad? The computer doesnt make a mistake. This app is too hard for beginners. Even for intermediates it can be challenging. It would be nice if there were a way to change the difficulty level.

Wrong game bought

Thought this game was reversi. Wanted Reversi


I wanted to play GO with my son interactively through game center This app does not do that. I often ( by computer resignation ) win, but have no idea why. Do not find that instructive at all.

good AI

SmartGo should be a model for software designers: it is beautifully designed for people who want to learn Go. Only caveat: it can be addictive :-)

Other than it constantly crashing

Its good for only two player

No 19x19

Does not allow 19x19 play.

MUCH too hard for a beginner

Great app but much too strong AI for a beginner to play against. I hope you really enjoy losing because thats all youre going to do. Its impossible to win. If the level is easy enough that its possible for you to win, it just keeps resigning a few moves into the game, until it very quickly advances you back up to the level where its to hard for you to ever win. -3 stars because an unwinnable game is NOT FUN, its just frustrating and boring. Im going to look for a game with a different Go engine.

Love the person to person play

Ive played smartgo for a while and always wished it had a mode I could use to play against another person. Today I realized it had been updated and voila! not only does it now have person to person play but the design is totally refreshed. I love the new look! Really top notch application. Thank you for creating it!

Cant figure it out

Couldnt figure out how to play a game. I see a board. Lots of buttons. None of them are the "play a game against the computer" button it seams.

Useless app

I want my money back. Completely useless.

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